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We have been established for thirty years and work for companies such as WNS (formally Town and Country) FMG Support, Quinn, VMS Fleet Management, Heath Lambert and have recently been taken on board by Northgate Van Hire to handle total losses VOR vehicles.

So if you have a vehicle or a number of vehicles, whether they are end of life, non runners or part stripped we will buy them.

All relevant paperwork will be handled in a professional manner in regards to COD’s.

We are equipped to deal with all categories.

Cat A vehicles will be crushed and collected free of charge and a COD issued.

Cat B vehicles will be dismantled in house and a COD issued.

Both of the above categories will be de-polluted in line with government guidelines.

We have a collection network nationwide.

We will in most cases collect within 3 working days.  If need be, we will collect within 24 hours.

We will pay outstanding storage charges and re-invoice the accident management or insurance company if the vehicle is lying in an un-approved repairer

We will de-decal and company vehicles if need be with the minimum charge, supply four images to prove the de-decaling has been done.

Post all personal belongings from the vehicles back to the vehicle owner.

We would be prepared to work on a percentage scheme or on a one off tender basis. So simply fill in the tender section or contact us, we will buy it.